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Founder, Helion Frost Technology


To promote a web presence of a New Concept Design and create awesome application that can change lives.

Some Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

There were group of freelancers who had developed their skills in different fields in IT, with fate crossing in each of their paths and they are known as...

// The Ninja
It started from this ambitious guy, A Software Engineer and a Registered Nurse (RN) currently based in United Arab Emirates. Web Development and Design is a big part of his hobby. Doing Research is his fundamental drive for inspiration and innovation.

He engaged most of his vacant time in improving his skills in various fields of computer such as programming, web development, web design, web administration, search engine optimization, system administration, computer hardware, graphics design, 3D modeling and other computer related fields. Currently he is working on some software projects (hoping this will turn out to be an awesome application) while enjoying a meaningful existence of his life.

// The Sniper

// The Wizard

// The Magician

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